Carbide Tipped Saw Blades

As with the carbide tipped tooling, Mid-States Carbide, LLC can
retip almost any saw blade no matter who the original
manufacturer.  First we determine if the saw blade can be
retipped and if so would it be cost effective to our customer to
retip or recommend replacement.  If it is found able to retip we
remove what is left of the carbide tips.  Next we re-cut the
pockets and gullets, then new tips are brazed on with high
strength silver alloys.  We then check the saw for proper tension
and straightness, our automatic tension and testing machine is
the finest in the State of Wisconsin and we use a power roller
tension machine to achieve exact and uniform tension each and
every time.  Next we precisely grind all of the teeth to the
original specifications and geometry using our eight CNC and
numerical controlled machines.   To assure customer
satisfaction, every blade is cleaned, polished and given a final
inspection before being oiled and coated in wax to protect the
blade during shipping.  All of this results in a superior saw that
will offer long life, clean cuts and less down time.